Can I Use Sezzle To Pay Bills? Possible or Rumor?

Flexible and convenient payment options are important in e-commerce platforms. As a customer, we often find items we love most, but pocket money or budget might not fit our desires.

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is an innovative solution that took the shopping world to another level. With BNPL, we got the freedom to purchase our favorite items without pressurizing our finances.

Sezzle provides us with an option to buy now and pay later. You just order a place with Sezzle, and the rest of the work will be handled by Sezzle. With Sezzle Virtual Card, you can pay for any goods both in stores and online, but Sezzle requires 25% of the total order as a down payment, and the rest will be divided across 3 more installments.

Sezzle Virtual card accepts Google Pay and Apple Pay to use in-store purchases. Unfortunately, paying bills is not possible on some platforms with Sezzle. Today, we will explore the details, can I use Sezzle to pay bills, and where we can pay?

Comparison of Sezzle Anywhere vs Premium

Sezzle Anywhere

Anywhere is a Sezzle subscription service that allows you to use Virtual Cards from Sezzle in-stores via Google Pay or Apple Pay or where Visa is accepted. Active Sezzle Anywhere users can enjoy Premium Benefits from Sezzle such as buying and sending gift cards, exclusive deals, and discounts.

Good customer support, rescheduling per order, and 1% back in Sezzle Spend on Pay-in-Full transactions. Both Premium and Anywhere subscribers will earn up to $5 in Sezzle Spend every month.

Key Takeaways of Sezzle

Sezzle is a payment platform that helps customers to split the amount of online purchases into interest-free installments. It’s an alternative solution to traditional credit cards. Here are the key takeaways of Sezzle:

  • Sezzle offers a “Buy Now, Pay Later” option to make purchases and spread the total cost into multiple, interest-free installments.
  • Sezzle does not charge interest on the installments. Perfect for those who want to avoid credit card interest fees.
  • Customers can manually select the installment plan. Usually, it breaks the total purchase amount into 4 equal payments. Payments are made every two weeks.
  • Sezzle is integrated with mostly famous online retailers. So, in most shops or online, customers can use the service as a payment option during checkout.
  • Sezzle doesn’t charge interest but requires late fees for missed payments.
  • The Unique Approval System of Sezzle provides instant approval decisions during the checkout process. It helps customers to use the Sezzle quickly.
  • Sezzle’s availability depends on retailers’ participation. Not all shops or online stores offer Sezzle as a payment option.

Sezzle Premium

Sezzle Premium is an improved version of Sezze which comes with additional features that include-

  • DoorDash,, Lowe’s
  • Exclusive deals and discounts
  • Premium customer support
  • 1 extra free payment reschedule per order
  • 5x Sezzle Reward Points for payments on orders with Sezzle Merchant

I didn’t see any significant difference between Sezzle Anywhere and Sezzle Premium. Don’t know why they separate their service name as Anywhere or Premium.

How Does Sezzle Work?

Sezzle offers a buy now pay later option for customers. As I mentioned earlier, you can place an order with the Sezzle payment gateway and their automatic approval system will analyze your account to determine the payment plan.

To get the BNPL opportunity, you have to pay 25% of the order amount as a down payment or first installment. The remaining amount will be divided into 3 or more installments. Each due has to be paid two weeks apart.

There is no interest on pay-in 4 for almost 48700 brands with no hidden or upfront fees. Sezzle’s checkout process is simple and straightforward. Shop at merchants that offer Sezzle or find brands that offer Sezzle then pay with the Sezzle app.

Can I Use Sezzle To Pay Bills?

No, You can’t! Sezzle won’t allow you to pay bills. Sezzle can only be used to buy products from Sezzle-certified stores. But, using Direct Pay with Sezzle or Sezzle virtual card allows you to pay online and checkout at offline stores. For offline shopping (Brick-and-Mortar), you must link your Sezzle Virtual card with Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Having a Virtual Card is not enough! Try also 6 Virtual Bank Account with Routing Number

Why Can’t I Pay Bills with Sezzle?

Because Sezzle only works with participating online stores that allow Google Pay and Apple Pay for online and in-store purchases. Sezzle doesn’t open programs to pay bills. It only works for buying necessary items in regular life. It helps to buy a favorite item that costs higher and you can’t pay the whole amount at a time. Sezzle works to divide the cost and help you pay it in installments.

How Can I Use Sezzle For My Business?

Using Sezzle for your business can be a great way to attract more customers and sales. Because it offers flexible payment options like “Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)”. It enables customers to split the amount into interest-free installments. It makes it easier for customers to afford their desired products or services.

How Can I Use Sezzle In Stores?

To use Sezzle in Brick and Mortar stores, you must have a Sezzle Virtual Card. Then link this card to Google Pay or Apple Pay. Here’s how you can do it-

  • Visit Sezzle or install the Sezzle app to connect the Sezzle 
  • Go to “Sezzle Card” option
  • Tap on “Use Sezzle Virtual Card”
  • Note down or copy the Virtual card information such as Card Number, CVV, Expiry Date
  • Launch Apple Pay or Google Pay from your phone
  • Tap on “Add to Wallet”
  • Then add your “Sezzle Virtual Card”

To pay in-store with Sezzle Virtual Card, find a QR code at any Sezzle participant stores, then select Virtual Card to pay for. Unfortunately, Google Pay and Apple Pay are not available in most places. Also, Sezzle only works with 1000 retailers. Most stores are missing and Walmart is one of them.

How Can I Use Sezzle Online?

Since Sezzle provides a virtual card, you can use it online also. Just cart your items, then follow the below steps-

  • Select “Sezzle” as a payment method
  • Open Sezzle app and log in with credentials
  • Input “Sezzle Virtual Card” information
  • Make your first installment (Sezzle will wait for the next installment)

Sezzle will cut off 25% of the total order as a 1st installment. The remaining amount will be split over 6 weeks.

Where Can I Use Sezzle?

Check our list of online stores that accept Sezzle. Remember, some stores may have stopped working with Sezzle upon the mutual agreement. I just found the list online and shared it with you. You can additionally check on Sezzle’s official shop.

512BoutiqueBohemian MamaHeadphonezoneMcGregor General Store
525 DesignsBoyish JeansHis & Hers FavorsMelt Cosmetics
Alamour The LabelBPI SportsHush BlanketsNanamacs
Alley and RaeCheekysIndosoleOrca Coolers
Allure Clothing BoutiqueCrunchyrollInkkasPink Coconut Boutique
American StitchDudley DenimJamstikPretty Rock Girl Collection
AntidoteEmericaJared LangPriceless
Bailey’s BlossomsEsSkateboardingJess Lea BoutiquePX Clothing
BananasEte SwimwearJessica SimpsonQueen of Hearts Co
Beau Lane BoutiqueFollow Your Arrow MontanaJoah BrownRebel8
BeautiqueFreddy StoreJujubeRedcon1
BellacorFriendsKlub NicoSequins & Sass Boutique
Bella Dawn BoutiqueFrock FashionsLeatherUpSlate & Tell
BirdwellFrogstones BoutiqueLK ClothingSnips & Snails Boutique
Blue Layne BoutiqueHappily Ever AftenMadison StyleSportiqe
State BagsT.U.K. FootwearThe Pearl AntlerTropeaka
Steel SupplementsTexas Two BoutiqueThursday BootsValiant Biker
Solo StovesThe Baby Bird BoutiqueTibbs & BonesVivian Lou
Speckles & StripesThe ExchangeTiger FitnessWhite Sands
Summer Beach MandalasThe Horror DomeTJ SwimZala Hair
Sutton & CoThe Lace CactusVanity PlanetZhou Nutrition
686BerettaClarria CosmeticseLiquid
Adorable EssentialsBodegaCoalatreeEmerica
AkiraBrydge TechnologiesCocomelodyEtnies
Anita GrantChairs4GamingDash
KoveMaster & DynamicMommy MakeupMonos
ProozyRevive Light TherapySimply Workout           Temptu
TobiTouch of ModernVanity PlanetVictoria Emerson         
Monos LuggageHalloweenCostumes.comYaasa Adjustable FurnitureSleepEnvie
TargetFun.comTouch of ModernShop Adorn

Can I Use Sezzle To Pay For Gas?

No, You can’t pay for gas with Sezzle. Because, Sezzle only focuses on providing a “Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)” service for online purchases at participating stores. It was not designed to act as a payment method. Alternatively, you can link Google Pay or Apple Pay to pay for gas.

Can I Use Sezzle To Buy Gift Cards?

Yes, you can buy gift cards with Sezzle but it depends on the shop owner. Gift cards are often treated differently from traditional products, some shop retailers may not accept Sezzle for gift card purchases. But, fortunately, some online retailers allow you to buy gift cards and pay with Sezzle during checkout. 

Can I Pay My Phone Bill With Sezzle?

No, You can’t pay your phone bill with Sezzle. Not only phone bills, credit card bills, utility bills also you can’t pay with Sezzle. Sezzle only works for buying goods and shopping items both in-store and online purchase.

Can I Use Sezzle In Store Anywhere?

You can only use Sezzle for all Sezzle participant stores. I’ve made a list above. Do check out again, please.

Can I Use Sezzle Apple Pay Anywhere?

Yes, you can use Sezzle with Apple Pay anywhere. But, it needs Sezzle Anywhere to sign up and make sure you have a Sezzle Virtual Card. After you successfully link Apple Pay or Google Pay to Sezzle Card, it can be used anywhere.

Can I Use Sezzle To Pay My Credit Card Bill?

No, you can’t pay the credit bill. Because it is treated as a personal payment. Without buying goods from Sezzle participant stores, you can’t pay bills with a Sezzle card.

Can I Use Sezzle At Best Buy?

No. Best Buy doesn’t support Sezzle. Hope in the future, they will collaborate and open an option for you to use!

Can I Use Sezzle To Pay For Flights?

Yes, you can pay for flights with Sezzle. Some flights and travel agencies do accept Sezzle financing. As per research, Alternative Airlines takes payment installments with Sezzle. It allows you to pay in 4 installments with no interest over 6 weeks. Also, Amazon, ZIP, and Klarna used to purchase flights and travel services.

Can I Use Sezzle At Home Depot?

Yes, Home Depot is available at Sezzle. You can purchase it at Home Depot with Sezzle. Buy Now, Pay Later at Home Depot, then pay in 4 installments over 6 weeks with Sezzle. Learn More here.

Can I Use Sezzle On Paypal?

As of now, PayPal doesn’t accept Sezzle. Both are separate services, no one accepts the other.

Can I Use Sezzle To Pay Rent?

No, Sezzle does not allow customers to pay rent. It was designed to buy goods or shop online and offline stores.

Final Word

If you find the answer, can I use Sezzle to pay bills? I will say, No. Because Sezzle is a “Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)” service that allows customers to pay for expensive items on an installment basis. No matter, offline or online, you just need to go to Sezzle participant stores.

But, paying bills such as electricity bills, credit card bills, and phone bill is not possible to pay with Sezzle. Because it is not built for paying those bills, I hope you got a clear answer about, whether can i use Sezzle to pay bills.