How to Pay for Gas Without Card? (5 Ways)

You should thank smartphones as it helps to relieve you from credit card hassle. When you have a phone with a Rolls Royce car. No one can deprive you of paying for gas without a card. You can make use of it in a few different ways without a physical card. NFC, Mobile Apps are popular options used at Gas pumps/stations. Today’s topic is how to pay for gas without card. Read on to get more details.

How to Pay for Gas Without Card?

The old days of swiping credit cards at gas stations are slowly disappearing. You can use it in a variety of ways to pay for gas without a card. We will explain it further. With a Tap to Pay and Contactless Payment, your phone works like a credit card. Just place your phone near a contactless reader and you are ready to pay for it. Most Gas pumps support tap-to-pay options with smartphones. If it comes to mobile apps, you just use payment apps or official gas pump apps. That will help you to make payments easily.

5 Best Gas Station Payment Methods Without Card

How to Pay for Gas Without Card

1. NFC (Near Field Communication)/Contactless Payment

Most people know NFC or Near Field Communication is a tap-to-pay feature on a phone that allows other devices to communicate within a limited distance. Generally, NFC is used to transfer funds securely. In this case, your smartphone is treated as a credit card. You will see Contactless Payment logos at gas pumps. It allows smartwatches and smartphones to make payments like some credit cards. Just place your phone on the logo, and it will charge a gas fee from your phone or watch.

2. First-Party Gas Station Apps

Tapping your phone at a Gas station to pay without getting out of the car sounds futuristic. But, actually, it is possible now. Rather than swiping the phone to the reader, you can complete the payment process in your car. Nowadays, many gas pumps have customized apps (like Shell Pay, Circle K, BP, Chevron) that allow you to select a gas pump number and pay for gas without a card instantly. The only things you have to do is, choose fuel grade and put the nozzle in your car.

3. Google Pay

Google Pay is a reliable payment method that is accepted at many places like supermarkets, pharmacies, clothing stores, beauty shops, and gas stations. Google pay is accepted on particular gas stations like 76, Conoco, Exxon, Mobil, Phillips 66, Shell, etc. If you have an account on Google Pay and have a sufficient balance, you can use it for gas payments. Just open the Google Pay app from your iPhone or Android. Then tap on the “Pay” tab, scroll down and choose “Get Gas”. Tap your preferred Gas stations. Then follow on-screen instructions to complete the gas payment.

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4. Amazon Pay/Alexa

By using Amazon Alexa, you can pay for gas without card. It’s easy and fast. Unfortunately, Amazon Alexa is not available everywhere. Currently, it works at Mobil and Exxon gas stations across the USA. When you need Alexa, you can hook up to the Google Play store to download and install it on your phone. Use Echo Auto or Echo Buds, then head to a pump and say “Hey Alexa, pay for gas”.

Alexa will recite and ask you again to confirm the location. Just say “Yes”. Then give the pump number to Alexa, when it asks for it. Then Alexa will say “Are you ready for me to activate the pump?”. Confirm by saying “Yes”. Alexa will confirm if the pump is ready to go. Remember, the Amazon Pay amount will be used for paying gas. It’s a default payment option when you use the Alexa app.

Note: You need some Alexa device in the car which will assist you to get gas easily.

5. Apple Pay

Looking for information about how to pay for gas without card at gas stations? Apple Pay is a great option to use for gas payments. You don’t use so-called credit cards. Apple Pay does help to speed up the payment process for gas. Not only does it saves time but it is also convenient in all ways. Apple pay is accepted on particular gas stations like Shell, Costco, Chevron, Exxon, Wawa, Arco, etc. Surprisingly, Apple Pay also works with NFC.

To make gas payments. Look for Apple Pay or NFC logo. Hold your phone near the NFC logo. Now it will verify Touch ID, Face ID, or Passcode. After complete authentication, follow on-screen instructions at the pump screen display to complete gas filling and make payment.

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Final Word

Paying for gas without a card has never been easier. You won’t forget those days when you tap your phone over time and feed your wallet to make a payment. Time has changed. Now it is easy to complete gas or fuel payments. How to pay for gas without card, questions, and answers have been served.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How to Pay for Gas with Cash App without card?

To pay for gas with a cash app online without any card. Go to the Cash App from your phone. Choose, the Cash App option as your payment method when you are checking out at the station. Hold your phone back onto the QR code to scan it. Then follow on-screen instructions to complete payment.

Can I pay for Gas without My Card?

Yes, you can pay for gas without a debit or credit card. There are a couple of ways to do this. I have mentioned some popular options that don’t need a physical card. You can use these options to make payments at the gas pump.

Can you pay for gas with just a credit card number?

You can’t! To make payment, it is usual to give a credit card number, password, and CVV. These are the primary steps to complete any payment. So, you can’t just use your credit card number to pay for gas.