How to Use Virtual Visa Card in Store? Best Way

Many Europeans use Virtual Visa cards as a payment method. These cards are used for online and offline purchases. Consider using a Virtual Prepaid Visa Card if you don’t have access to a solid source of credit. These types of cards are hassle-free when you want to keep online shopping separate from actual credit cards to maintain regular expenses. Today’s lesson is “How to Use Virtual Visa Card in Store”. I am going to explain this topic broadly.

What is a Virtual Visa Card?

A virtual Visa card is a set of randomly generated card numbers. You have a legal Visa card or bank account based on the numbers. Fortunately, it is not possible for thieves to steal your money from the Card and shop with stolen credit card, because it is run only virtually. It is more secure than standard credit and debit cards. The payment process is the same as regular cards. Virtual Visa cards and regular Visa cards are almost the same. One runs locally or virtually, and one runs only virtually. There are numerous credit cards available online, but Visa cards are mostly usable. Even ATMs are adapted for use with Visa cards.

Quick Info:

According to Statista, as of the fourth quarter of 2020, about one-third of all Visa credit cards issued worldwide were found in the United States. The number of overseas cards climbed by more than 25% in the third quarter of 2016.

How Does a Virtual Visa Card Work?

It’s a virtual card not physical, so you can’t hold it with your hand. A unique credit card number that is generated at random each time you make a purchase. It works like a chip credit card. Merchants get a single number from this chip card and it changes after every time of use. Fraudsters can clone this card but won’t be able to use it because it’s a unique code and used for only a one-time purchase. Virtual credit card numbers are temporary so no one can misuse this number. I think it is secure to purchase things online.

How to Use Virtual Visa Card in Store

How to Create A Virtual Visa Card For Use In-Store

You know virtual visa cards can be made virtually. Any supported best online bank or app you can use to create a virtual visa card. In this article, we will use Eversend virtual visa cards to make a complete guideline about creating a Virtual Visa card for store. Get started!

  1. First download Eversend App from Google Play Store
  2. Sign up on Eversend App
  3. It is required to have a minimum $5 balance with a $2 transaction cost to create Eversend Virtual Visa Card
  4. If you want to add cash, tap on the Add Money icon. Use a preferred source of funds. Mobile Money is a great option to add money
  5. Use an existing number or new phone number. Then select your amount to add money to the Evernsend account. The calculated transaction fee will be visible to your wallet
  6. Make sure your money converted to dollars
  7. Tap on Exchange to convert your money to dollars
  8. Select UGX or USD
  9. Enter the amount you want to convert to USD
  10. After exchange, the amount UGX for USD
  11. Go to the Card icon in the bottom menu
  12. From the top right corner, select Add button to create your fresh Virtual Visa Card with Eversend
  13. Since, Virtual Card requires a $2 fee, make sure you top up more than $2
  14. Tap on Continue to Create this card
  15. Done

Where Can I Use Virtual Visa Card?

Virtual Visa Reward Card is a prepaid Visa. It is completed with randomly generated unique numbers. So, you can use it where the Visa payment method is available. Most stores online and offline like to use Virtual Visa Card because it is reliable and hassle-free. Online merchants that show EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) icon, be sure you can use the checkout option by using this Virtual card without giving a real card number. 

What Online Store That Accepts Virtual Visa Cards?

There is no definitive list but maximum online stores accept Visa Cards. You can ask who doesn’t accept your Visa card. Few shitty companies don’t accept Visa cards. Personally, I know KFC, GoFundMe, and Instacard don’t accept Visa. 

How to Use Virtual Visa Card in Store?

Using a Virtual Visa Card in-store is super easy and hassle-free. First, forget it is a virtual visa card. Think about it’s a physical Visa Card. It will disappear your confusion. Then follow the below process-

  1. Go to your favorite store
  2. Purchase your favorite item
  3. If the store support EMV payment methods, you will definitely pay with Virtual Visa Card
  4. Open your Evernsend app (Forget! We have created a Virtual Visa Card before)
  5. Go to the Virtual card section
  6. You will see a card number, Expiration Date, and CVV
  7. This information is sufficient to pay for your item
  8. Input this information then Pay over time
  9. If the store use Scan to Pay, you can use Eversend scan feature to complete the payment

Final Outline

Overall a Virtual Visa Card is a good choice and also safe, convenient, and hassle-free. But, it cannot be used in ATMs. Some stores have no online access, so you can’t use the card to complete shopping. I hope you got the lesson on “How to Use Virtual Visa Card in Store”.