4 Top Cash Advance Apps That Work With Venmo

Cash Advance apps benefit people who need urgent money at any time of the day. It is created to lend cash to the user for the time being and has been a well-known app for some time. It is crucial to return the loaned money in the correct amount, within a certain period. If you are searching for Cash Advance apps that work with Venmo, we will discuss them further in this article. Only some apps work with Venmo, but many offer lending money via Cash Advance to the users.

List of Cash Advance Apps That Work With Venmo

Here we will discuss the Cash Advance apps that work with Venmo.

Cash Advance Apps that Work With Venmo

1. Chime 

Chime is a well-known cash advance app that works well with Venmo. The user must verify their account by Chime, or they will not get a loan. But the good news is Chime offers various amounts of loans, such as anywhere from $20 to $2000, to their consumers, which not many Cash Advance apps do.

Chime is very helpful as they advise users to minimize their spending expenditure if it goes out of control. Before getting a loan, you must open an account on Chime. To do that, download the Chime app, and then you can proceed with setting up your account.

Ensure that all the provided information is right. If you face any false claim, they will decline the account. After applying for a Cash Advance, you can withdraw the money once you link your Chime with the Venmo account.

2. MoneyLion  

MoneyLion is known for giving out one of the opportunities that a lot of Cash Advance apps need to give. You do not have to pay any interest on the borrowed money, which is good for most users. However, they allow their users to lend a maximum of $250 per account, which needs to be increased for most people.

Their cash advance range depends on a consumer’s monthly revenue; the bigger it is, the more money they can lend. This means that if you have a high monthly income, they will allow you a larger sum compared to those with low revenue. Even though it is unfair for most people, this is their rule.

To open a MoneyLion app, download their app and create your account. You have to provide various information which they ask for. They will then offer you a free bank account. You will need it to withdraw your borrowed cash when you link your Venmo account with MoneyLion.

3. Brigit

A good Cash Advance app that works nicely with Venmo. They offer various plans to their users on the app, and they need money to keep working. It means if you want to lend money from Brigit, you are bound to maintain the plans. To maintain the plans, you have to pay $9.99 monthly.

Brigit offers any amount from $10 to $250, but it also depends on the plan in which you are enrolled. Brigit scrutinizes your banking history when you connect your bank account to Brigit. If your account seems trustworthy, they will offer you the loan. If you cannot pay the advance within time, request an extension date in their app. They will provide you with a new payment date and not charge you any fee.

Like the other apps, you must download the app and open up your personal account. Your account should be active, or they will not lend you money. Avoid any mistakes when filling out the form to open an account. Once your account is completed, you must purchase one of the plans that seem preferable. With the plan, you can apply for loans.

4. Earnin

Last but not least comes Earnin. This Cash Advance app lets you borrow money before your payday arrives, but here’s the catch, the amount needs to be small. The app tracks your working hours and days, meaning they know when your payday arrives. They also have track of your location before they allow the loan.

Download the Earnin application and create your own account. They will ask for various information and if you try to outsmart them by providing wrong details, they will not allow you the loan. Make sure that each and every piece of information which you have given is correct to avoid facing legal trouble.

Earnin allows their consumer to loan anywhere between $100 to $500. After they allow the loan, you must transfer the money to your Venmo account. Then they will allow you to withdraw the money. They also do not charge you any late or interest fees, which is awesome.

Final Words

Anyone can need some urgent cash at any time of the day at any place. Having enough cash is troublesome to survive in this world. That is why it is a good idea to know about all the Cash Advance apps that work with Venmo. If you have the account and are linked with your Venmo, you can get help instantly wherever you are. Some Cash Advance apps do not work with Venmo, so using them will not benefit you. Ensure all the information they request is correct; otherwise, you might face legal issues. Cash Advance apps have been helpful to many people in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Cash Advance on Venmo?

To avail of this offer, you need a Venmo credit card. Then you will be able to cash advance from any Venmo ATM that is available near your location. You have to insert the card into the ATM and provide your PIN. Select the cash advance option and the amount you want to withdraw. Once that is done, you can take out the cash and your card.

What is the limit on Venmo Cash Advance?

On the Venmo credit card, the ash Advance limit is a maximum of up to 10% of the total credit limit. This means that the amount of cash you can withdraw from your card differs from other cards.

What about using an app like Venmo or Cash App to borrow money?

Certain users of the Cash app have access to short-term loans of up to $200. Your eligibility is determined by factors including your state of residence and your credit history. The core functionality of Cash App has not changed from its original purpose as a traditional P2P payment service.

What is the cash advance fee on Venmo?

If you use a credit card to finance your Venmo account, there will be a 3% fee added to any money transfers to anyone in your contact list. Sending money to loved ones might be considered a cash advance by your credit card provider. It implies you’ll pay an origination cost of 3–5%, plus interest from day one.