7 Best Gift Card Sites That Accept PayPal – A Complete List

Paypal is the most reliable payment option for all types of shoppers. It is one of the biggest payment platforms in the payment industry. Happy to know, that it supports more than 100 currencies and helps people to transfer money all over the world in an instant. According to Statista, Paypal has 392 million active users. However, when it comes to talking about gift cards, some gift card stores disagree with using Paypal. But, most are loyal to Paypal. Today’s topic is to describe the top 10 gift card sites that accept paypal. Let’s see how it’s done!

1) eGifter

Gift cards are always an alluring thing. As a PayPal user, you would like to get a gift card with Paypal. Fortunately, eGifter is the 1st store that gives you a chance to get a gift card with Paypal money. Almost 200 brand gift cards, they have. eGifter also buys virtual visa gift cards with a Paypal balance. Cards and app integration is the most promising option they unveil.

Apart from the official website, they have Android and iOS compatible apps that let you access this website in order to purchase gift cards. After a few formalities, you will see an option to buy gift cards with Paypal, AMEX, Amazon Pay, Credit Cards, Skrill, Bitcoin, or Dash.

2) Gyft

Gyft is another best gift card, provider. It is ready to give you a perfect gift card, you can manage them from any device conveniently. A leading gift card store where you can purchase, send, and redeem gift cards from any device. By using, the Gyft card official app (available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store), you can track gift card amounts, and sending money to friends and family will be easier if you want. It’s the best gift card sites that accept paypal, because it believes PayPal is easy, secure, and payable from one stop. Use Paypal here, shop securely and get instant gift card delivery.

3) The Card Closet

Trust The Card Closet, it will surely give you gift cards anywhere in the world. At the wholesale price, you can purchase gift cards here. Steam, Google Pay, PlayStation, Amazon Gift cards, and all types of virtual gift cards are available here. It’s a gift card hub. The Card Closet is a trustworthy gift card provider website. It offers excellent 24/7 customer service. If you are a savvy person, you should look in the coupon section and use available coupons to get massive discounts on purchases.

4) My Gift Card Supply

If you want to buy genuine gift cards, My Gift Card Supply is a great choice. No matter, whether you live in the US, UK, or Canada, you can purchase gift cards with a Paypal balance. They supply 5 denominations of gift cards at a time, such as $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100. All the gift cards are digitally scanned. You can purchase a perfect gift card on this site. My Gift Card Supply offers accurate and 100% authentic gift cards. Additionally, there is no expiration date for gift cards.

5) Dundle

Buying different gift cards such as Xbox, iTunes, PSN, Steam, Amazon, Nintendo, eBay, Walmart, and Flipkart is now easy at Dundle. A great service where you can buy Amazon Gift Cards for any store with your currency. Dundle provides different gift cards in those stores located in the United States, Germany, UK, France, Italy, and Mexico. The denominations of gift cards start from $5 to $100. It uses some of the best payment methods such as Paypal, Bitcoin, iDeal, Skrill, Sofort, Bank account transfer, etc. The transaction fee is different depending on the gift card you choose. 

6) Card Kangaroo

Card Kangaroo is a gift reseller website, where you can buy all types of gift cards at discounted prices. It offers the best facility in delivery, prices, and customer support. Since it’s a reseller website, you will find those gift cards sold by other people who no longer want to use them. Unlike other gift card websites, you can get discounted gift cards here. Unfortunately, Amazon Gift cards are not available all the time. But, Steam, Google Pay, PlayStation, etc. cards are available all time. Before buying a gift card here, make sure you check all the necessary things which make a gift card perfect. Great thing is, that Card Kangaroo accepts the Paypal balance to purchase all gift cards.

7) Walmart

Nothing is new in Walmart. You know Walmart is a popular brand. It serves all types of products plus gift cards. We can close our eyes and believe it. There are plenty of gift cards available. From $5 to $200, all denominations rate you may have here. Walmart’s e-gift cards are automatically delivered. Walmart accepts Paypal as a payment method. Also you can buy gift card from Walmart without CVV code. For shopping goods or gift cards, you can use Paypal balance. In addition, it also accepts other payment methods such as AMEX, Paypal, MoneyCard, Debit Cards, etc.

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Wrapping UP

The above sites are highly recommended if you are finding gift card sites that accept paypal. All sites offer instant gift card delivery. Some offer no delivery fees, some offer low amounts of fees. And you can get hassle-free transactions at the time of purchase.