50+ List of Subway That Accepts EBT Near Me

No doubt, the United States is a prosperous country in the world. It is not acceptable to be hungry here. US govt. Opens an opportunity for disabled, elderly, and homeless people. That is the SNAP program or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Fast food restaurants like Subway are a part of this program. Those who qualify for SNAP can get food from approved Subways. This article walks you through the inside and outside information of the subway that accepts ebt near me. Let’s get into this.

What is Subway?

In America, Subway is a well-known fast food chain. It sells fresh salads, submarine sandwiches, non-alcoholic beverages, etc. More than 24000 Subway sandwich shops exist in the United States. It’s a perfect place to eat and stop your hunger. If you are a resident of the United States of America, you will definitely find a suitable Subway near you to relax after a long day and enjoy a fresh sandwich or salad.

Millions of Americans rely on the EBT-accepted subway. It’s a fantastic chance for those who are disabled, homeless, or old. Additionally, those who can’t cook or don’t want to carry meals or prepare at home can contact the EBT-accepted Subway. So, finding a subway that accepts ebt near me can be tricky but possible. 

How Does EBT Work at Subway?

Eligible users can receive benefits from any EBT-approved Subway. They can order EBT-accepted items such as Cold Sub or Salad. Customize those items if you wish then checkout with an EBT card as a normal payment method. It will be possible only if you are an original EBT holder and get money each month from SNAP.

SNAP will give you a Plastic Card like a bank debit card for making purchases from any EBT or SNAP-accepted shop. Use a secret PIN for your card. However, you will get the benefits of SNAP at Subway so you can purchase any accepted food items at Point-Of-Sale registers at Subway.

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What Can You Buy with EBT at Subway?

If you are an EBT holder, you must know which food you can buy with an EBT card. Clearly, which foods are generally made at home, you can buy those items from Subway. You can buy hot food, fast food, or deli food with EBT.

Food Items You Can Buy With EBT

  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Bread and Cereals
  • Meats, Fish, Poultry
  • Dairy Products
  • Seeds and Plants

Food Items You Can’t Buy With EBT

  • Beer, Wine, Tobacco, Cigarettes, Liquor
  • Hot Foods
  • Non-food items such as
  • Pet foods
  • Soaps, Paper
  • Supplies
  • Medicines, Vitamins

Subway That Accepts EBT Near Me – Location by State

Here is a complete list of Subway Locations that accept EBT near you. In all states, the Restaurants Meals Program (RMP) is available. 

Subway That Accepts EBT Near Me

1. Arizona

If you are registered with RMP which operates whole states, you can use EBT there. The first and foremost rule is that you must be disabled, homeless, or elderly to sign up for this program. In Arizona, there are 61 Subways that accept EBT cards. Some are-

  1. Ajo – Harris And Smith Coffee Co
  2. Anthem – Jack In The Box #1537
  3. Belmont – Mcdonald’S #32787
  4. Benson – Subway 43106
  5. Buckeye – Carl’s Jr 7785
  6. Bullhead City – Jack In The Box #1122
  7. Camp Verde – Subway 14617
  8. Douglas – Church’s Chicken 3263
  9. Florence – Subway 31480
  10. Gila Bend – Carl’s Jr 8101
  11. Maricopa – Mcdonald’S 34511
  12. Phoenix – Blue Seas Express Restaurant
  13. Sahuarita – Mmr Subs Llc Subway # 37471
  14. Tolleson – Jack In The Box #1108
  15. Yuma – Subway 50422

More Locations: Dbme Faa Policy

2. California

Qualified and registered users of the Restaurant Meal Program (RMP) can get EBT benefits at Subway. The same rule is needed for a person homeless, elderly, or disabled.

  1. Alameda
  2. Fresno
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Mariposa
  5. Monterey
  6. Orange
  7. Riverside
  8. Sacramento
  9. San Diego
  10. San Francisco
  11. San Luis Obispo
  12. Santa Clara
  13. Santa Cruz
  14. Siskiyou
  15. Tehama

More Details: EBT Project & Participant Subway

3. Rhode Island

You have great news if you live in Rhode Island and are getting SNAP benefits. Your EBT Card is now eligible at fast food chains and Subway in Rhode Island. Here is a 6 Subway that accepts EBT near me and serves prepared meals.

  1. Cranston
  2. Providence
  3. Pawtucket
  4. Woonsocket
  5. Central Falls
  6. Westerly

More Details: Food Stamps Now

4. Michigan

You already know that Subway only accepts in-store purchases, not online. To make online orders, you should use different payment methods like credit cards or debit cards. Here are some Subways that Michigan has.

  1. Lansing – 2224 N Larch St
  3. Flushing – Bueche’s Flushing Retail Ctr
  6. Lake City – WESCO C-STORE
  7. Burger King.
  8. Carl’s Jr.
  9. Church’s Chicken.
  10. Del Taco.
  11. Denny’s.
  12. Domino’s Pizza.
  13. Great Steaks.
  14. Jamba Juice.

More Details: Michigan Govt. & Subway

5. Illinois

Illinois has been selected to be a participant of the SNAP program since 2022. RMP allows this country to qualify SNAP households to get actual benefits of meals from particular restaurants. If you live in Illinois, and EBT holder, you might be near the Subway that accepts ebt near me. Check this out.

  1. Abingdon – 407 N MONROE
  2. Addison – Wal-Mart #5442
  3. Berkeley – 5539 W ST CHARLES RD
  6. Greenup – 201 N. HAUGHTON HWY
  7. Lake Bluff – 3020 N. SKOKIE HWY
  8. Monee – MKM OIL INC
  9. Neoga – NEOGA BP C-STORE
  10. Rock Falls – 1013 1ST AVE

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6. Maryland

  2. Baltimore – Tiger Mart
  3. Cardiff – 1606 DOOLEY RD
  4. Cooksville – GLENWOOD STATION
  5. Ellicott City – Town Square At Turf Valley
  6. Jarrettsville – 1120 BALDWIN MILL RD
  7. Olney – FAIR HILL

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